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Not All Vendors Are Listed Vendors

Great Lakes Recovery Centers a division of MDHHS Foster Care Program RRT with Grate Lakes Recovery Centers. Hello my name Is Andrea Aho and I have a bunch of unique free swage and tote bags to pass out to help raise awareness that there is a desperate need for foster families in our area. Events like this create a no-pressure opportunity for locals to ask questions and think about what help they might be able to offer.

594 Alsace Ave Ontonagon, MI 49953 906-458-6570

Crystal Haven Body, Mind & Spirit LLC Penny Siefkes Seidl, Founder of the Summer Celebration that has been held as a public event since 2004 in the Midwest. As a modern-day elixir Alchemist, Penny has been working within the vibrations of sound, crystals and holistic aromatherapy for over thirty years. She has received training form many different teachers and has been self-taught from studying geology and belonging to several rock and mineral groups. She brings the mix of sciences together, like an- Alchemist would since they are one in the same, and enjoys talking to people about the different types of crystals and their unique healing properties. There will be a variety of items available at this event. Crystal Haven has a new location at the Jutlia Center in Hancock! 906-231-9203 

Crystal Haven Body, Mind & Spirit LLC

Higher Ground Initiative

Yeti Adventure Company

Mabon Consulting Group, a Grant Program Management Advertising/Marking Company 


A Candle In The Dark Hand-made soy wax scented candles and melts for bringing light, comfort, and magic into your home.

6N Designs Custom Copper jewelry. Purely one of a kind metal work.

Paula Heaton is a Tarot Reader and Energy Worker. She began reading the Tarot in 1984 and has been reading in a professional capacity for 30 years. Paula comes from a long line of psychics and uses that in her readings and healings. Using the Thoth Deck created by Aleister Crowley she helps her clients to learn about themselves, the world around them, and find answers that they seek. ​Paula grew up and started readings and energy work in the Greater Detroit area and moved to the Upper Peninsula. Paula also makes and sells her own all naturally constructed jewelry, which will also be available. It is encouraged to schedule in advance for your reading by calling or texting Paula at 906-360-8095. 

Cindy Wollschlager is an ARCI trained Akashic Records consultant. In an Akashic Records reading, using heart-based energy, we will access your “Book of Life”- the storehouse of every word, deed, feeling, thought, and intent that your soul has ever experienced- to gain wisdom and insight into your questions for today. Questions about anything-- relationships, career, health, your soul’s purpose, past lives, will be answered and expanded upon by the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of YOUR Akashic Records.

Readings will be available at the event. Visit my website at

Alchemy Copper and Crystals Jen Lin Nilsen Intuitively Created Products that focus on using the frequencies of crystals and copper to heal ones body, mind, and soul! Handmade and reiki infused creations such as Orgonites, Tensor Rings, Jewelry, Crystals, Candles and more.

Michelle Nichols of Soulfull Integraton, LLC will be offering mini Theta Healing sessions. Theta healing is especially good at uncovering limiting beliefs and shifting them, allowing you to show up differently

and create different results in your life. Michelle will also offer computerized astrology reports that will give you insight from your birthday this year until your birthday next year. You can check out Michelle and Soulfull Integraton at


Silver Thumb Jewelry by Robin Hood. Beautiful Keweenaw stones set in custom designed sterling silver. 

Gypsies of the Woods Joanna and Ranne' of Northern Wisconsin will have a wide variety of things! From vintage fun to altered art creations; junk journals, dream catchers, greeting cards, Fairy Garden pieces, and tie dyes! There will also be Reiki sessions offered! 



Telephone: 920-540-9973

Lori is a Life Long Healing Intuitive and will be offering Destiny or Love card readings! Mini readings are $15 and longer readings will be $30. Is this a good year to be in a romantic relationship? What are the finest years of your life to get married? Why did you decide to switch employment last year? When do you expect to be able to spend part of your money? What barriers stand in the way of your achievement, and what steps can you take to mitigate their impact? Find the answers to these and other questions with a Destiny Card Reading with Lori.

Bumbletown Brooms & Soap Sandy Lindblom will have her beautiful brooms and a wide variety of naturally sourced self care products available as well as homemade goodies. Saturday only. 


Please note not all vendors have chosen to be on the vendor list. Any advise given by any of the vendors is for guidance only.

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