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We recommend booking for services appointments

directly with the vendors in advance

Over 30 vendors and growing!

Not all are listed on this page.

Plenty of room for more vendors!!!

Please find the sign up sheet under the

Vendor Information tab.

Local non-for-profits and non-profits that are community based outreach or that

represent (but not limited to)environment interests, animal welfare, wildlife conservation, 

do not have to pay a vendor fee. Fee has been covered by a private donator for this purpose.

However, be sure to fill out vendor form so that we know your organization has interest in attending.

ConsciousSpin is devoted to delivering inspired and unique clothing items with the intention of sparking fun, enthusiasm and creativity. Hand dyed pants, head scarves, tunics, dresses, socks, shirts in the style of tie dye, festival, and artistic designs.  Screen printed images and quotes with mandalas, yoga, lotus flowers, sacred geometry, and social/ecological empowerment to help influence the wearer and observer for peace, enjoyment, and sensuality.

Michelle Nichols of Soulfull Integraton, LLC will be offering mini Theta Healing sessions. Theta healing is especially good at uncovering limiting beliefs and shifting them, allowing you to show up differently and create different results in your life. Michelle will also offer computerized astrology reports that will give you insight from your birthday this year until your birthday next year. You can check out Michelle and Soulfull Integraton at

Paula Heaton is a Tarot Reader and Energy Worker. She began reading the Tarot in 1984 and has been reading in a professional capacity for 30 years. Paula comes from a long line of psychics and uses that in her readings and healings. Using the Thoth Deck created by Aleister Crowley she helps her clients to learn about themselves, the world around them, and find answers that they seek. Paula grew up and started readings and energy work in the Greater Detroit area and moved to the Upper Peninsula. Paula also makes and sells her own all naturally constructed jewelry, which will also be available. It is encouraged to schedule in advance for your reading by calling or texting Paula at 906-360-5746. 

Jessie Robinson •Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner •Reiki Master •Crystal Healer •Mind Body Spirit Fair Coordinator at Northwoods Health and Wellness 715-630-0076 Access Consciousness “The Bars” There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head, which connects, to different aspects of your life. When lightly touched, they start to clear all the limitations and implants you have about those different areas. Live in the question and gratitude, without any judgments of you or anyone. How does it get any better than this? What change are you willing to receive? Drum Washes  


Toe Beans LLC Creates handmade soaps, bathing product and gifts inspired by the books, pop culture and nature that people love. Scent collections are inspired by the literary works of J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis and Jane Austen, as well as beloved Sci-fi, Steampunk, Comic and T.V. Shows. We also have collections for the seasons, The Great Outdoors and delicious foods. One series is dedicated to this magical place: Keweenaw Treasures. Website or email

D&S Designs by Susan Rine Beautifully hand crafted crochet items, bird houses, walking sticks, painted garden rocks, craft items and houseplant starts.

Kristina Bloom is a psychic, medium, and channel for The Divine. She has recently published a new book, "Wisdom for the Age of Ascension". For twenty years she has been facilitating individual and gallery Psychic readings across the country, speaking in front of both small and large groups. In addition, Kristina facilitates a variety of workshops and retreats to help you in your Spiritual and Personal Growth. For more information visit her website at To order copies of her books please visit

DeEtte Ranae has dedicated her life to working with spirit, giving a voice to those that are not always heard. She teaches courses on psychic mediumship development, helping others on their journey, deepening their connection with energy and spirit, along with individual mentorships to help people to heal and discover themselves and their path. She has worked with clients from all over the world and is the host of “Schooled thru Spirit”, a Monday morning digital radio show speaking with guests about their journeys and the impact of spirit on their life and in turn, how they now impact others. DeEtte Ranae is a certified advanced psychic medium, and proud member of the LWISSD team, as one of the Master Teachers. She lives in the Midwest, North America. DeEtte has a love of travel, exploring new worlds, and pushing herself pass her comfort zone.

Please visit or email 608-3525944

Soul and Synergy, LLC Terry will be offering Reiki, tarot readings, crystals as well as other merchandise 715-514-8331

Diane Little of Earthways Healing, LLC, Is a Shamanic/Reiki Master, Earth Medicine, Teacher and Practitioner and is a 10th generation healer on her Menominee Native side and a 1st Degree Midewin, Traditional Medicine lodge. She has been practicing Reiki over 10 years and has had many students over the last 8 years. In the past 3 years she has been practicing Shamanism which has developed her Claire Sentience and Claire Cognizance. She has been a medium most of her life and has only began the true journey with this recently. She is an artist at heart and has created in multi mediums over the years, she has started making her own drums and painting intuitive paintings on them over the past 3 years. Diane has become more familiar with the Earth Medicines, this has been throughout her lifetime. She is certified in aromatherapy and has been working with the plants developing tinctures and salves that are plant based to assist with achieving physical relief or wellness. Diane has been drawn to stones and crystals since she was a child and has worked with crystals with her Reiki/Shamanic work and arranging them in grid like forms throughout her adult life.
Diane decided she wanted to share some of her talents with others and is going to be holding regular retreats around the United States.

Unique Ahmeek Tye Dyes Come see the eye catching and mesmerizing, imagination provoking Tye Dyes. Baby sizes all they way up to Yeti size clothing.


Sandy of Bumbletown Breads will be selling handmade brooms, needle felted items, homemade breads and naturally sourced Balms.

jUiCy jAmS cReAtIoNs-Jean Sgaggio (AKA ~*~Juicy Jean~*~/JAMS) is an Energy Practioner [conduit for numerous Healing Modalities]. She is a creator of art/jewelry/music/"Creative Soul Cards" with Earth~Heart~Spirit.  Facilitator for 1:1 sessions/small & large group gatherings. Offering: Soothing Energy Sessions, Healing Energy Haircuts (includes head/neck/shoulder massage~Reiki Blessings), Upper Body Massage, Energy Boosts with Aura check and whatever Spirit shares.


D&S Designs by Susan Rine Beautifully hand crafted crochet items, bird houses, walking sticks, painted garden rocks, craft items and houseplant starts.

Crystal Haven Body, Mind & Spirit LLC   

As a modern-day elixir Alchemist, Penny has been working within the vibrations of sound, crystals and holistic aromatherapy for over thirty years. She has received training form many different teachers and has been self-taught from studying geology and belonging to several rock and mineral groups over many years. She brings the mix of sciences together, like an Alchemist would since they are one in the same, and enjoys talking to people about the different types of crystals and their unique healing properties. There will be a variety of items available at this event. She will be offering a variety of crystals from around the world, books and unique one of a kind items. Our very own line of popular essential oil 'ZEN'Energy sprays, lotions, body butters and healing salve will be available. For more information visit or Penny text or call 906-231-9203

Tina Hazen of Higher Self will be selling her organic soaps, essential oils, sage, bath booms and beautiful crystal jewelry.

Coral Sheedy Teacher / Coach / Mystic / Energetic Healer, Personal & Spiritual Growth Intuitive Guidance / Readings, Spiritual Coach She also offers Retreats, Private Events, Minister Services, Gallery Readings,

Private & Group Sessions. Available in person, via phone, or online.

You are able to pre-register for services

at the Keweenaw Summer Celebration by

calling 920-264-7609 

MJ Yooper Art by Jenine will be offering beautifully painted and abstract art along with folk crafts. She offers acrylic pain pouring lessons by appointment. Please contact Jenine at

Roslyn Elena McGrath of Empowering Lightworks, LLC: Heart & Soul Centered Services, Books& Card Sets from Roslyn Elena McGrath to help you and your purpose to flourish! Soul Purpose Align-&-Thrive Sessions at the Keweenaw Summer Celebration may include Chakra Reading, Issue Clearing, Channeling of your Spiritual Benefactors, Soul Body Fusion™ and/or a custom Gifts Drawing           

Roslyn’s ten spiritual growth & healing books & card sets,

plus new poetry book, “Earth Pulse Arias” will also be available

to purchase. For questions or prescheduling,


To learn more, visit

Akashic Records  Consultant Cindy Wollschlager will be offering Akashic Records reading. Akashic Records hold thought, emotion, action and event that you as a souled being, have experienced in this lifetime and in every "previous" lifetime. By opening your personal Akashic Records, Cindy accesses this profound "fields of knowledge" to give you answers to any kind of question that you may have. Open your "Book of Life" for deep insight and empowerment with . 715-292-9562 website

Jackie Nees is a Numerologist and Tarot Reader who uses her intuitive gifts and abilities along with her own story to help others who may

struggle with finding their purpose, their worth, and the courage

to live an authentic, vibrant life that feeds their soul, and

connects them with their highest potential.

Hi! I'm Taylor the owner of Blossom and Sage. Jewelry has always been a part of my life. I feel with jewelry you can tell a story and make memories. I love making people feel confident just with simple pair of earrings. Not only

do I make jewelry I also make art and home goods like coasters

and wooden trays. Making beautiful, unique things is my

passion and I'm always creating and trying new techniques

and products.

Heady Yeti Adventures Offering tours in the Keweenaw Michigan area. Kayaking, Hiking, Aurora Watching and Waterfall Tours. 

Alchemy Copper and Crystals believes that the medicine of the future will be the medicine of frequencies. We offer intuitively created products that focus on using the frequencies of crystals and copper to heal ones body, mind, and soul! In addition to many handmade and Reiki infused creations such as jewelry, orgonites, tensor rings/pyramids, crystal grids, runes, and pendulums. We also offer hand collected crystals and stones. Jen started Alchemy Copper and Crystals to share her passion for nature and healing. She is a life long intuitive that loves creating jewelry and other items to assist in dna repair and healing. If she isn't at home creating, she is traveling the country collecting minerals and hounding new stones to share!  


6N Designs Custom jewelry and purely one of a kind metal work.

Jen Powell Designs Beautiful copper jewelry, necklaces, bracelet earrings and more. 906-524-6060

Alchemy Glass by Annette Jones. Hand made fused glass art, pendants, earrings, sun catchers, night lights, plant stakes, garden stakes, etc. 734-864-6898

Copper Island Apothecary Offers hand crafted soaps lotion bars, roller balls, an candles utilizing all the goodness of the Keweenaw like honey, beeswax and scents. Please visit Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


Kent Richards of Wild Blue Wander 906-369-1819 Retreat host and gifted Native American style flute player His music will be available for purchase at this event. (His music is highly recommended for deep relaxation) Come hear him play live and help support local musicians.

Ed will be selling rocks and things. Many locally found pieces and others from around the globe.

By Natures Design Beautiful Henna Body Art by Rachel. Also available will be jewelry, tea, jams & jellies. Email:

Warrior Woman Beads Jewelry, beads, gifts and more from the Upper Peninsula.

Courtney Clisch Lundgren Our art is an expression of our creativity and a reflection of the beauty of the Upper Peninsula, our home. Using natural elements in our art, from locally-sourced copper and stones to ethically harvested animal elements, we credit the landscape and history of this unique land. From jewelry to sculpture, macrame to crochet, and additional diverse art forms, there is something here for everyone. Blessed be.

Cindy Curry Cindy Curry experience harp sound bite with sound healer, therapeutic harpist.

Not all vendors are listed. Come visit us August 6th, 2022!

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